He is committed to perpetuating the art of blacksmithing and with that in mind he established The Forger of NY. Through his first firm he can offer traditional handcrafted, customized rough iron gates,rails, and furnishings to residential as well as commercial customers who have an app reaction for creativity and elegance.

Custom Ironworks

The art of blacksmithing as mastered in Europe for centuries was adopted in Argentina more than two hundred years ago.Type your paragraph here.

It was at the time that the family of Fabian Parejas, who established The Forger of New York, embraced the craft of black smithing. As a boy in Argentina, Fabian acquired his skill with an anvil and hammer while working at his family’s blacksmith shop. He brought his passion for the trad along with his artisan ironwork talents and the traditions of European blacksmithing to the United States. 

The Forger of NY has indeed earned a sterling reputation as a preeminent provider of decorative and sculptural ironwork.​

Fabian Parejas, along with his select staff of skilled blacksmith take a great deal of pride in the countless number of elegant wrought iron products they have fabricated.